Lael Kassem | Physiotherapist | Advanced Health Medical Centre

Lael Kassem

BEx (Sport), MSc (Physio)


Lael Kassem - Physiotherapist - Advanced Health Medical Centre - Bankstown

Lael’s athletic background and years of experience in the industry gives her a unique advantage when managing injuries, as well as pain, stiffness and weakness. Her experience allows an effective insight and ability to diagnose, treat and create return to sport treatment plans.

She specialises in rehabilitation protocols whether it be simple or complex injuries, as well as post-operative care by creating specific and individualised programs which can be completed at home or in a gym based environment.

Lael is trained in cutting edge treatment techniques, including massage, dry needling and manipulative therapy. These combined with a tailored rehab program will significantly improve shoulder, neck, lower back and knee issues.

Lael’s passion is delivering comprehensive treatment ensuring longevity in health and wellbeing for all her patients. Ask her about her passion for AFL, Olympic lifting and family!

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